An 80's Kitchen? Yep. (BEFORE & AFTER)

There is nothing I love more than a good BEFORE shot...

This one is from my client's house when it was on the market back in 2016-- just before they bought it, and a few months before we started the whole house renovation that would make it feel like their home:

kitchen before.jpg

Here is what it looks like now, after rethinking the space, opening it up to the adjacent family room & dining room, and reconfiguring the kitchen layout so it works SO much better for modern family living: 

kitchen after.jpg

As you can tell from this shot, this makes me pretty happy... (I do LOVE what I do!!)


Lots to be happy about in here! A new LARGE island perfect for food prep and entertaining, 

Kitchen After 2.jpg
Kitchen After 3.jpg

Gorgeous new cabinets, lighting, appliances, countertops, tile work...

Kitchen After 4.jpg

And a beautiful new eating area, allowing for cozy family dinners.

Kitchen After 5.jpg

At this end of the kitchen, the room felt like a dead end before, and the overall flow of the downstairs was choppy. To fix this we created a new doorway to the dining room--so now there is more of a feeling of openness, flow & connection between the all of the spaces on the first floor.

Take a look at the BEFORE shot here: 

Kitchen Before 2.jpg

And heereeee is the new--although you can't see around the corner in this shot, the doorway is right where that arrow is! :)

Kitchen After 6A.jpg

CAN'T WAIT!! NEXT WEEK I will show you the photos of the family room space... :)