A home office is an important place indeed.

It is especially important that this space is peaceful, supportive and nurturing--

but so often our home offices are ANYTHING BUT... 

Office Before 1.jpg

A lot of furniture--pieces big and small-- squeezed in with a lot of piles of paper, electrical cords going every which way...things that have found their way from other rooms in the house....

office before 2.jpg

This space was one of the final rooms left to be redesigned in my client's home--(we have prepped every other space so that they can place their house on the market in the coming months) and I couldn't wait to roll up my sleeves, move some furniture, and add just the right touches! :)

Come on in and take a look at how it looks now!

Office After 1.jpg

New furniture placement, paint, & area rug paired with new accessories and artwork--it looks like a different space all together...

We grouped my client's favorite art--golf & baseball treasures--on the wall directly across from the desk so they can be seen while working each day. The doggie crate (a very functional and important piece in the room) is tucked neatly away just inside the door so it is no longer the first thing you see from the entry.

Office After 3.jpg

The final touches were new window treatments to soften the space, and a stylish clock to hang over the desk...

Office After 4.jpg

I LOVE these kind of projects. It is such a joy to see a space that was a bit down on its luck come together in such a lovely way.  I was so touched when my client texted me later that evening and said: "The transformation of the office should be in a magazine..."

Just makes my heart sing... :)