{VIDEO} No longer a dark, scary basement...

Do you have a basement that feels dark and foreboding?

Do you long for a bright, airy, fun space to hang out in and entertain? A place for the kids to go play when it is cold and SNOWY (like that ever happens around here...HA!)

Take a look at the room we have been working on....

And, since my camera work is EXCEPTIONAL :), I thought I would also include a few still photos so you can see the room a little better. 

First, here is what this space looked like when we started: 

basement before.jpg

And here is the room now: 

Basement After 1.jpg
Basement After 3.jpg
Basement After 4.jpg
Basement After 5.jpg
Basement After 6.jpg
Basement After 7.jpg

A bright, happy place for this wonderful family to enjoy for years to come!