Spa-Like and Splendiferous :)

My clients’ bathroom was quite luxurious when it was built nearly 30 years ago, but now seemed dated and tired to them.

Oh, and the big bathtub…

Master Bath Before 1.jpg

It was a highlight of many a 90’s bathroom, and it is often the first thing to go when I am helping a client to redesign their master bath and bring it up to date….

Master Bath Before 2.jpg

But in this case, the tub was essential to my clients—well-loved and often-used—and an added challenge in terms of layout, since its size (a non-negotiable detail) and necessary placement in the corner limited what we could do in the space overall…

So how could we update the bathroom so that it looked modern and fresh, while still having the large tub in exactly the same spot? Would it still look dated? Would it all come together??

Hmmmm…..I can’t wait to show you the results:

Master Bath 6.jpg

We did replace the original tub with a new one of exactly the same model, but in white instead of the yellowy off-white of days gone by. :)

My client requested that the decking for the tub be installed on top of, rather than underneath its top lip—giving the whole thing a much more custom, built-in look which turned out beautifully.

Master Bath 5.jpg

Because my clients wanted a spa-like retreat— a white bathroom with opulent details that really felt like a treat to use each and every day—we worked hard to find the materials that would give them exactly what they wanted, but in a way that wouldn’t break the bank.

Master Bath 2.jpg

We selected porcelain tile that very convincingly simulated marble to wrap the walls, tub and floor (a budget-friendly way to get amazing bang for your buck), and added beautiful real marble accents in the shower.

Master Bath After 9.jpg

Floating His & Hers vanities were added, with special lighting underneath to further highlight the beautiful floors and modern details. The quiet grey color of the cabinets we selected compliments the lovely veining in the tile, and the quartz countertops perfectly complement the colors and patterns as well…

Master Bath 8.jpg

We finished the space with accessories to complete the spa-like feel—natural elements of driftwood, succulents, natural stone accents, and other details from nature.

Master Bath 7.jpg


(OH, and did you spot the Minion this week? He snuck his way in once again…tee hee hee. )