A Cozy Bedroom BEFORE & AFTER!

Of all the rooms that I help people with in their homes, I have to say that there are two spaces that seem to be the most meaningful and impactful in they way they make the WHOLE HOUSE FEEL BETTER when they finally come together, feel peaceful, and look gorgeous. 

Can you guess which two rooms they would be?

Well, first it would be the kitchen (I am sure you aren't surprised...), and the CLOSE SECOND is

drumroll, please....


When this room irks you, doesn't nourish you, and just doesn't work for you, you can literally lose sleep at night. 

My client's master bedroom, when we started this project, was spare and lacked personality. Take a look: 

bedroom before.jpg
Bedroom Before 2.jpg

I knew I wanted to bring in some depth, character, and comfort--some elements that reflected my client's eclectic style-- loving both Mid Century furnishings as well as French-inspired decor, as she does. :) 

Take a look at how the space looks now: 

Overall Bedroom.jpg

We started with a deep wall color that resonated with the new bedding my client had selected, and then added new rugs to cozy up the space. Reorienting the bed so that it anchored the room and was flanked by the two windows that faced you as you entered the room, gave the room a sense of balance and the bed the presence it should have in such a lovely room. 

Vintage matching nightstands and a pair of mercury glass lamps were added to complete the symmetry.

Bedroom After 2.jpg

Harry The Cat was a constant help as we worked on the room, and gave his approval to every corner...

Bedroom Vignette 1.JPG

He especially loved the new settee, with all its comfy pillows and soft throw, that we placed on the other side of the room in the sitting area we created.

Bedroom Vignette 2.JPG
Bedroom After 7.jpg

Throughout the room we layered textures and patterns creating an artsy, bohemian feel...

Bedroom Vignette 3.JPG
Bedroom Vignette 5.jpg
Bedroom Vignette 6.jpg
Bedroom After 8.jpg

The final result is one that definitely creates an oasis for my client and her family. 

My FAVORITE image of this room is the one she texted to me shortly after I left the final day we were putting the room together. 

She wrote, "Look what I found in my room after you all left!"

final photo-bedroom after.jpg

I guess Harry couldn't keep the new room a secret for long!