A Simply Gorgeous Kitchen--A Quick BEFORE & AFTER

I have always said that there is nothing like the feeling you get when you HAVE NO COUNTER SPACE next to the stove.... :)

Kitchen Before 2.jpg

It just makes you want to cook! 

(okay, maybe not...)

My client had been bumping elbows with her fridge for a while, and was ready for things in her 1980's kitchen to change in a big way!

Kitchen Before 1.jpg
Kitchen Before 3.jpg

It was exciting to talk about the things that she and her husband wanted in the space--things that would make it function better, look beautiful, and just update it overall--all without changing the footprint of the original kitchen. 

I think that the room as it is now shows that a kitchen renovation does not have to include ripping out walls or reorienting everything to get a fabulous result. Nor does a kitchen have to be HUGE to be gorgeous...

Incorporating a few very simple changes to the layout, the range now stands alone as the focal point of the kitchen, showing off my client's favorite pieces of Portuguese pottery and an abundance of elbow room.

Kitchen After 1.jpg
Kitchen After 5.jpg
Kitchen After 2.jpg
Kitchen After 3.jpg

The eating area gained a new lease on life with new lighting, paint, and a mirror to compliment the existing corner cabinets. Not much has changed here, but I think you'll agree that everything has changed in a way...

Kitchen After 6.jpg
Kitchen After 4.jpg

The bright & crisp space just sings with some of my client's favorite heirlooms (like the Majolica candlesticks above) paired with new accessories that make everything feel fresh. 

There really is nothing like the feeling of making old and new work so well together! Here's to wanting to cook again! :)