{VIDEO} We all make mistakes, right?

Back in the first days that I owned my old farmhouse, I loved nothing more than to go to our local auction for their Wednesday night gatherings, and bring home a car-full of wild and unique vintage pieces. I would proudly show them off with animated gestures to my weary husband as he kindly helped me unload my little station wagon in the dark of night.

And then, still so excited from my successful shopping trip, I would get busy squeezing them here and there, into rooms that already contained far too much furniture from each of our families, and our college years, as well as all those other wonderful Wednesday night follies. :) 

Through my mistakes in those early days, I learned a lot-- both about my personal style as well as what things make a house feel good to those who spend time in it...

I'll give you a clue--cramped quarters isn't one of them. 

Hope you enjoy this week's video, and that you will take on the assignment I give you at the end! Your house will thank you for it. 

(P.S. watch to the end and see who has been sitting with me the whole time, lending moral support as I recorded the video <3)