A Video Diary of My Travels This Week!

What a cool few days it has been! This week I have been on the road, traveling to one of my favorite, long-time client's homes--her family has just moved this summer, and WHAT a NEAT-O new house they are living in!

Here I am loading the car and getting ready to leave the other morning...

And here I am with Melissa, after our long but oh-so-fun day of putting her furniture in place:

Just so you have a sense of the space as it was, here is a quick shot of the room before the new paint went in and with the previous occupants' furniture:

and when I first arrived on Tuesday:

Finally, just before I left yesterday, we did a quick video to show all that we did over the previous day and a half at this neat-o converted church, now her home.❤️

And make sure you wait for when the whole room shifts 90 degrees--it's amazing!! 😜

These kinds of projects are such a joy to work on! Hope you enjoy these little slices of the experience--and that they inspire YOU to think of your home differently!!