It was a hole in the wall...

Some of the most frustrating obstacles in a room--and in life as well--can bring out our best creativity, grit, and outside-the-box thinking. 


This basement powder room is in a house that I am prepping to go on the market for one of my lovely clients...

We are working from room to room, fine-tuning things over the next year so that her house can be put up for sale in a beautiful, pulled-together state that will make buyers get their checkbooks out and start a bidding war. :) 

However, this little room wasn't going to wow anyone in its original state.

The HUGE access panel over the toilet was so distracting -- an admittedly unattractive plywood focal point in the room--but it was necessary and wasn't going anywhere. 

Since our goal is to spend as little money as we can in each space while still making it gorgeous, extra construction costs to change this eyesore were not in the cards. 

So, what to do ? 

With a new color palette to bring depth to the room and a bold plan for the space, this petite bathroom now makes a statement...and it isn't just stating where the plumbing access is anymore. 

Because I couldn't do anything about the hole in the wall, I decided to cover the walls with a gallery of neat-o finds, including a large piece hanging over the toilet, disguising the cutout. We removed the trim around the access panel so that the perfect vintage mirror I found ($10 at a yard sale--woo hoo!!) could then be hung flush over it. 

Bathroom After 4.jpg

The rest of the gallery is made up of fun, eclectic pieces that make the little room so interesting and cozy to be in--great qualities for a room frequented by guests. 

I love a challenge, and this one was so much fun to tackle!