Your Daily Dose of Beautiful Simplicity...

It is really easy to think that creating beauty is hard. That's what keeps us from even trying most of the time, I think. 

I love all the sunlight, the clean off-white trim, the soft grey walls in the photo above.  This is the "maid's hall," a previously forgotten area of my clients' cottage I have been working on in Maine. This area was always meant to be plain and utilitarian, and I feel proud that the new paint colors we chose for the space have highlighted and enhanced all that beautiful simplicity. 

I feel like it just glows. 

What simplicity can you embrace and highlight in your home this week?

Think of things that are easy to do and will put a smile on your face right away (i.e. add a vase of flowers in your entryway, take down a picture you've never really liked, put five things away in a room of your choice, put a gorgeous bowl of seasonal fruit on the kitchen table, etc...) And then do them.

Believe me, you deserve a dose of beautiful simplicity each day. :)


p.s. By the way, have you seen the video tour we did of this house last summer? I have to say, I was shocked last week when my son informed me that we have now surpassed over 75,000 views for this on YouTube.


75,000? Sheesh. I am not sure why, but I am glad. :)

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look!