You Are The Hero This Story Needs

I came across this quote a few weeks ago, and it got me to thinking....  

The important thing is to tell yourself a life story in which you, the hero, are primarily a problem solver rather than a helpless victim. This is well within your power, whatever fate may have dealt you.--Martha Beck

You may be wondering why I am mentioning this here...

I mean, what could this possibly have to do with our houses and how we live in them?

The thing is whenever a writer pens a story, one of the most important elements that adds atmosphere, color, mood and possibility is the setting where it all takes place. 

AND if we are writing a story (which we are each day of our lives), it is a thrilling, promising thing to recognize ourselves as the hero, the problem-solver,  the Main Character...and that protagonist needs the best, most supportive atmosphere possible in which to tell the story he or she really wants to tell. One of the main stages--perhaps the most important set-- where this story is played out is your home.

SO, I ask you:

  • Does your home in its current state appeal to the protagonist in you? Does it seem beautiful, alluring, supportive? Does it feel like home??
  • What do you feel your home currently says about who you are? Is this an accurate depiction?
  • As you write the story of you, how would you best describe the place where the hero would live? How would spending time in your hero's home make you feel?

Just because you aren't leaping tall buildings in a single bound does not mean that your life can't be heroic, and it does not mean that you should ignore important elements that will help you to move toward the life you envision your hero living.

If your house is not supporting the story you want to tell, there are ways to make simple changes that can make all the difference....

And since you are the hero in this story, you possess all of the power and skill necessary to make these oh-so-meaningful changes.

You really do.