Yes, it was really a tornado...

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember this room from way back in the day....:)

It was featured in Philly Mag's article about my long-time clients' home back in 2014. (You can see that here.)

Ironically, my blog post about that article was entitled "Lightening Strikes Again" but it would be a TORNADO (yes, literally a tornado) a year later that would be the cause of this room's next reincarnation...

In June of 2015 an amazing sudden summer storm hit our area (you may remember it) with violent winds, rain, and tornados.  In the aftermath, my clients found, on top of losing 30 or so trees on their property overall, one had actually struck their home, piercing the roof in their great room. 

The great room was the very last room in their house that we hadn't done a complete overhaul in. Sure, we had tweaked it, purchased a few pieces of furniture, reworked the layout, but the colors and design were much the same as they had been for decades. 

Since things needed to be repaired and painted already, it was decided to jump in with both feet and totally rethink the room, change almost everything, and add architectural details that seemed to be missing in the original design from the 1980's. 

Here's what the space looks like now: 

So, if you look closely you will see that not only has the color palette, rugs, and furnishings changed, but some very important architectural interest was added. For instance, in the photo above you can see that a new, more elegant post has been added, visually connecting the downstairs with the loft above. Also, three beaded beams have been added across the vaulted ceiling, as well as a large chandelier, giving warmth, light and visual heft to the peak and upper corners of the room.

The fireplace was given a total facelift as well. New original artwork, which had inspired the palette for the space, is now highlighted inside a custom panel over a beautiful new mantel and fireplace surround. 

Even though this project started with something quite unexpected and scary, my clients tell me that the results are something that they just love and enjoy whether at home just the two of them, or entertaining extended family and friends. 

So wonderful!