Editing. It's Important.

I couldn't believe it when I saw this at HomeGoods yesterday. Definitely a sign that this little post I had been thinking of writing indeed wanted to be written... :)

When I write, I ofen....I mean often spend as much time rewriting --making sure things are correct (ahem), removing the unnecessary bits, clarifying the voice behind the words--as I have spent writing the draft in the first place. 

When I am working on a room, either in my house or yours, the same process is needed. 

Move the couch. 

Step back and look. 

Move the couch another 3 inches.

Step back and look. 

Remove the pillows. Try the other pillows.

Step back again...

Powerful writing is concise and to the point. It employs the most descriptive, delectable words to bring thoughts and images to life. A dining room, kitchen or master bedroom can have the same powerful impact when the elements in it are carefully curated and lovingly placed in just the right way to say just what you hoped it always would. This effect only happens with purposeful, insightful editing. 

A room that has brought joy to you in the past but now falls a little flat just might need a little bit of editing to make it sing once again. So, get in there. Roll up your sleeves. Edit, move, rethink, rework and don't worry about making mistakes. Those missteps just help you to better realize what you don't want so you can turn around and get back on track. Clear out extraneous stuff that has a way of collecting,  bring in something new that is beautiful, or rearrange what is there in a new more pleasing way.  

And you will know when it is right--your heart will swell just a little.

You will want to sit down and spend time in that space that feels like home, that cares for you in the way you always hoped it would.