Every Now & Zen

We all have good habits that we need to take out and dust off from time to time, right? It may be a practice we have forgotten to employ for a while, and it is important to remind ourselves to get back to it every once in a while.

This is one of those things for me...


Having a ZEN SPACE...

Do you know what that is? 

Here's what I wrote about it a few years ago:

A while back,  during a conversation about the frustrations of house upkeep, a friend shared a practice she employs to help keep herself sane during the craziest of crazy times...

As she described it, there is one place in her home (I believe it was the top of her nightstand) which, through thick and thin, come hell or high water, is always a lesson in simplicity, is clear of dust and clutter, and has just a few of her very favorite things artfully arranged on it.  This is her Zen Space.  

While the rest of the household may be falling into disarray with the family's comings and goings, she knows she can sit on her bed, take a few breaths, look at her Zen Space, and find a little peace amid the cacophony of clutter and chaos. What a fantastic idea...

 SO, do you have a Zen Space of your own? I want to encourage you to create one if you don't.

In my house, our Zen Space is our dining room table--the first thing we see when we return home. Lately it has been a MESS...so it is time to reinstitute this habit, and lay down the law of ZEN. :)

Where in your house can YOU create a Zen Space?

First, pick a small surface that is easy to keep cleared & dusted.

Second, make sure that only a few special things are on it--maybe a special picture and some fresh flowers--nothing else allowed. 

This uncomplicated, peaceful spot will be a gift to you when things are feeling out of whack and out of control around you house. At those difficult times, focus on this one clean, clear spot that is well within your control, and take a couple of deep breaths. So important and so helpful.