Adding A Little Life

adding life.jpg

It is always an exciting time at Revealing Redesign when we are preparing to have our finished rooms professionally photographed--as we just did a short time ago...

As I do the last minute preparations for the Big Day, I am reminded of how important life is in a room. By life, I mean plants, fruit, flowers...things alive and green and leafy. Almost everything on my 'to do' list the week before is something along the lines of "buy flowers for blue vase," or "get branches for urn," since a room never feels finished to me without a little bit of Mother Nature's help. 

Many clients over the years have given me pushback when I suggest buying plants for a space. Real plants and cut flowers--not fake ones.  :) Thankfully, I have used my persuasive ways to convince them to try rounding out their rooms with some indoor gardening (why not? less than $20 for a plant is not a huge investment), and I have experienced time and again their delight and surprise at what it has added to their spaces. 

SO, whether or not you have a green thumb, take a small risk and incorporate a living thing or two into your spaces.  I know it will help your rooms come alive and nurture your soul with natural beauty. :)