Snapshots from My Trip To Maine

Earlier this week I returned from a six day business trip up to Maine...

I have to admit, I have to pinch myself when I am there--I can't believe I get paid to be in such a beautiful place, working on an absolute treasure of a historic house.

On my morning runs, I snapped these pictures so I could share with you the lovely ocean views with the sun just coming up...

and a couple of the other cottages that are in the neighborhood--or "on the neck" as they say up there. :)

One charming old house after the next...

(Yes, even when they are this big, they are still called "cottages." :) )

Back at Seaview, the house I am working on, there was much to do this trip. 

I have been working on this house for two years now, and it is amazing to see how things have changed, how much better the house functions now, and how much more comfortable it is for my clients. The rooms are, one by one, being redesigned (you can see my post on the billiard's room, which was finished last year at this time, HERE) and showing off more of their historic beauty, accentuated with fresh new paint and furnishings which compliment the antiques that came with the house. 

The photo above shows the new paint downstairs, and the old paint on the balustrade and on the upstairs hall. When I return in June, this will all be finished (God willing!) and new lighting will highlight artwork on the second story.  Also, you can see the Billiard's room in the background, its furniture all covered up for the off-season and construction. 

Of course, I can't show you pictures of the house without at least one snapshot showing off my favorite Gothic windows:


In the downstairs powder room, the Gothic arch is repeated in the beautiful antique mirror.

My clients, The Townsends, have become some of my closest friends. Here is a picture taken at our celebratory dinner the last night of the trip. 

(I have a new short haircut...just in case you didn't recognize me. :) )

I look forward to sharing before and after pictures and more details of the project with you later this summer. Can't wait to go back in just two months!