A Quick 'Before & After'

Just a few months ago, I purchased a simple, small vintage chair from a consignment shop that I love...

Filled with excitement, I texted the above photo to my husband and explained that I had found the *perfect* little chair for our new sitting room that we had been working on. 

The texts that followed said things like:

"Did you buy it already?"

"Will they allow you to return it?"  

and other questions that let me know that he was totally onboard.


(I know these are the moments that he must question my sanity--and probably his own for choosing to marry me-- but that's ok... After all, what is marriage without a little excitement, a few design challenges--and $50 secondhand furniture??)

I am pleased to say my little find has been re-imagined and reupholstered, and is now happily situated in our new favorite room in the house, making the most out of a cozy corner.

Soon I will have photos of the whole room to show you, however I hope this little snippet inspires you to see new possibilities, even if something seems old, drab or worn out.

Happy Spring!