A Sensory Experience

With the cold, grey days we have at this time of year, it is easy to think that there isn't much around us to savor. 

But maybe we are wrong.

As this little sparrow proved to me a few winters ago, as he would sit outside our family room window and sing his little heart out day after day...

maybe we need to pay attention to things in a whole new way. 

When I think back to the winter days days when my children were very small--even though we were often stuck inside our little old house as the winter winds whipped outside-- it was still a delight to see the world through their eyes as they experienced sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes for the first time.

It is a bit sad to me that as we "grow up" we become removed from the joy and wonder of our senses. It can be restorative to remind ourselves to pay attention to each one of them once again.

To be mindful of each of our senses, one at a time, is a great way to slow down and really appreciate all that is so good around us. And where better to do this than in our homes?

Maybe the things that we love about where we live has become white noise to us, things that we no longer take in or appreciate. 

When I take the time to pay attention, it is amazing how many simple yet wonderful sensory joys are present each day in my home. Here are a few favorites that come to mind for me:

  • Hearing--birdsong, Mozart, the quiet of the house after everyone has gone to bed....
  • Sight--family pictures, treasured artwork, green daffodil shoots emerging outside, the faces of those I love.
  • Smell--freshly washed towels, favorite meals cooking in the kitchen, coffee in the morning.
  • Touch--our comfy family room chair, soft blankets and sheets on the bed, my dog's velvety ears.
  • Taste--any meal I didn't have to cook :)...oh, and a glass of wine.

What are your favorites?? Please be sure to write some in the comments!~Can't wait to hear them!!!