Something Is Missing

Can you see what isn't in this lovely room? 

Not sure? It can be hard to see...

In this cozy den, my client knew she didn't want to change much, but she knew something was missing. The furniture was working well, the paint color was just as she liked it, and she did not want anything different or fussy on the windows.

So, what could still be needed to make the room feel finished?

Like the glue that holds something together, or the icing on top of a birthday cake, things just don't stick together or taste as sweet when that certain something is missing.

In our homes that is what I like to call the "top layer"--the finishing touches such as the right lighting, art, and other decorative elements--the stuff that pulls things together and makes a room come alive.

Here is the room now that we have added that top layer. Hooray!--

Upstairs Study After 1.jpg

So what exactly is different? What elements did we add to pull everything together? 

We started by bringing in a new rug-- I wanted something that would add a softness to the sepia-toned palette--and we added a larger ottoman for extra comfort and more table space.

You may also notice that there are new tables with matching lamps flanking the chairs, giving more presence to the symmetry that was already there.

With such a lovely muted palette, texture becomes even more important. The smooth metal tables, rustic wood tray, the louvered screen in the corner all add interest...


The sparkle and style added by the new lighting can't be ignored, the artwork is placed to best show it off, a new armless chair gives a place to sit and  purpose to a corner.....and the beautiful grandmother clock moved from an adjacent room brings a stately bit of height and history to the space. A cozy room has become even more welcoming!


And to think many would believe the room is finished once the furniture is in place!

There is a whole other layer to be added to bring cohesion and beauty into our homes--so be sure to follow through on those final steps and add those little details that make all the difference. 

As always, a HUGE thank you to Laura Kicey for her amazing photographs of my work!