Falling in love again...

A few weeks ago, as a last-minute surprise for my son's birthday, my cousin and her family piled into their car to come and stay with us for a fun overnight...

As they were driving south from Brooklyn, my husband and I quickly and quietly prepared for their arrival, trying not to give the secret away as we straightened up, filled the fridge, and got things in order. Our neglected house was showing the symptoms related to hectic work schedules, back to school demands, general exhaustion--and there were lots of loose ends that needed tending to.

A couple of hours later, as I stood downstairs, all dressed for our celebratory dinner out (the cousins waiting at the restaurant for the big surprise), I glanced around from room to room, making sure everything was in place for when we would arrive home later with the extended family.

With slanted evening light pouring through the windows, I admired the fresh flowers on the washstand, smiled to notice the few fun Halloween decorations here and there, and loved that each room looked welcoming and pulled together. It felt settled and balanced. 

These are the times when I fall in love with my house all over again. 

As I took it all in and felt how different each space felt from how it did a few short hours before, I realized how I had just been living in these rooms for weeks without really letting the rooms have any life to them--EVEN THOUGH THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING, PEOPLE. 

Sheesh. Since I so needed the reminder to slow down and savor my home, I thought you might need it, too. 

Taking the time to savor and care for the blessing that is our homes is something that can nourish us deeply. 

Be sure to take just a little time and treat yourself to some simplicity and beauty this weekend:
Put a few things away.

Throw out some things that have been bugging you.

Buy yourself some flowers. I MEAN IT. 

Surrounding ourselves with order, beauty, and peace is a nurturing and kind thing to do, both for ourselves and those we love--some pretty important stuff, I think. 

AND you might just fall in love with your house all over again. :)