A little blue tape, and a big new vision...

When making decisions about a room, it is always best to help yourself "see" things as best you can. 

This photo is of a client's fireplace a few weeks ago, when we were creating a whole new look for the room. Victor Burgos, the contractor I work with all the time, was kind enough to create a "mock up" of the proposed design, outlining the dimensions of all the major elements for this very important focal point.  (I can't wait to show you how the room looks now! It will be ready to be photographed in the next few weeks. :) )

As a lot of you know, I never go anywhere without my blue painter's tape in hand! It is an essential tool to see just how the footprint of a piece of furniture will sit in a room, or how big a design element will really feel in an actual space. Indispensable. 

Don't be afraid to try all different kinds of tricks as you are working on a project like this. Move furniture around, make sure you look at colors and swatches IN THE ROOM ITSELF (not only in the store), take a gander at all different times of day to see how things may appear different in different light levels, pull up pictures of the items you are thinking of adding while standing in the space to ensure it visually makes sense to you with the other things you have in the room...

And make sure through all of this you are taking a step back to gain some perspective. Looking at the whole room at once from different angles is key in helping to figure out what works and what doesn't. 

Now go do it! With these tips to help you see more clearly, go make some fun changes, create a new vision, and enjoy your home all the more! :)