A Coffee Bar In Your Bedroom, And Other Design Desires...

One of the wonderful benefits of working with the same family for many years is the ability to help them intentionally shape their house, room by room, and see how the house transforms so totally in how it looks, how it feels, and how it helps them to live in a whole new way. 

This is just the case with the Townsends, one of my clients with whom I have worked since I started my business back in 2006.  What an amazing journey it has been, and just this week we began work on the last room in their house that hasn't yet gotten the full Revealing Redesign treatment. Wow.

Last year at this time their house was featured in Philadelphia Magazine's Property Blog, and the importance of a coffee bar in the bedroom--one of the first design details we worked on when we recreated their master suite--made for an eye-catching headline. :) 

Overall, we have worked together to create a home for them and their family that is welcoming, beautiful, honors their personal style, facilitates how they really want to live, and highlights the stunning setting where their abode is located. 

You can read the whole article here, and take a tour through their house via the gallery of photos.