My Old Farmhouse A Year Later...

Last year at this time, I was so honored and excited as our own humble farmhouse was featured in Philadelphia Magazine's Property blog. 

Even though it has only been a year, it is really fun for me to go back and revisit these photos, recognizing how much has changed around our funky old house, even in just the past 12 months. (You can see the full PhillyMag article and all of Laura Kicey's amazing photographs of my house here.)

It has made me think about one of my core beliefs and one of the main reasons I am so passionate about what I do: 

Our houses should ideally reflect what we believe in, what we value, where we are in our lives, and, most importantly, where we long to go on our life's journey. 

My house is always changing in ways big and small. (I am looking forward to sharing some photos of what's new in the near future!)  This is important because all of us are always changing and growing in one way or another, and hopefully our house does this right along with us in a meaningful way. 

Ideally, our home provides us the perfect, safe & nurturing environment to rest, rejuvenate, stretch ourselves, pursue the passions we feel called to pursue, and enjoy life's many blessings. This type of true home makes so much more possible in our lives, and the world beyond our front door is so much better off because of it.