Dare To Dream--Your Monthly Homework Assignment!

I think it is important from time to time to disengage from reality and let our minds wander. We spend way too much time worrying about how to get things done, whether or not logistically we can actually get those things done, what it will cost, and whether or not we can afford it. 

To heck with that. 

Every once in a while, it is a good practice to just go wild and act like anything is possible--because it just might be.

Who are we to say it isn't? :)

Figuring out what we are inspired by, without being weighed down by rules, restrictions, and reality is something we need to give ourselves permission to do now and again. And I am giving you permission to do just that right now. 

What if your house could be anything, anywhere, any size, any color? What would you choose if there were no rules and no restrictions? 


So, thinking along these lines, I have a great homework assignment for you this month!:

1. Get ready to relax and have some fun.  Get yourself your favorite beverage--maybe a nice tall glass of sparkling water or hot tea-- and get comfy in front of your computer or in your favorite reading chair. Take 3 deep breaths, and allow all the tension to flow out of your body...

2. Try to clear your mind and be open.  There are two ways to complete this step--either go to Houzz.com, an online collection of beautiful home photographs, ideas and inspiration, OR gather your favorite magazines to leaf through, looking for images that speak to you. 

3. Find at least 5 photos of rooms or gardens, etc that make you swoon and make your heart sing. If you are on Houzz, collect these pictures in an "ideabook" on their site. (The image at the top of this newsletter is from one of my ideabooks on Houzz--you can see the house it came from here) If you are using the magazine method, tear the pictures out that speak to your soul, and gather them together to post somewhere where you will see them often. 

How can we create something beautiful and wonderful if we can't picture what we want in the first place? Letting ourselves dream, and finding pictures that illustrate what resonates with us is an important tool. This exercise can help us to visualize what we want & bring more of what our soul is longing for into our lives. 

If you are ready to dream some more and further explore what YOUR soul is longing for, I have a workshop at the farmhouse next month that is definitely for you! Click here for more information.