My Month In Pictures

It has been a busy month, filled with lots of pretty flowers, delicious food, and adorable houses. SO, I have some fun pictures to share... :)

Outside my house things have been happily blooming:

And the view from inside is made all the better for it!

With everything so leafy and green, just taking walks around my neighborhood can be breathtaking. 

And we were so blessed to have the PERFECT evening for our Simple Summer Pleasures class. Setting everything up before everyone arrived, I was giddy with excitement...

Once we got started, all were riveted learning about the best tips and tricks of summer grilling. 

I got to sit and relax while Matt took care of the cooking (and of course my assistant snuck a picture of me doing so!).

Who knew that grilled Romaine would make for such a nutty and wonderful grilled salad? Matt did! (I can't thank Dine-o-matic Cooking Co enough for helping to create such a delicious evening!)

Everything was amazingly delicious. 

May I have some more, please?

Did I mention just how gorgeous the weather was that evening? So lovely. 

In other news, Revealing Redesign has had the honor of touring some pretty exquisite, vintage, Smithsonian-worthy kitchens and baths lately. :)

I don't think a single thing has been changed in the bathroom above since 1961. These are the rooms that keep me awake at night dreaming of all that they could be. 

What would YOU do with these spaces if given the chance?

I will keep you posted if they become RR projects.  I get all excited just thinking about it. :)

And I always love snapping pictures of little charming houses I come across in my travels. So cute. 

Hope your May has also been filled with beauty, charm, and blessings. 

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