Hey there!

As this post goes out today, I am flying north to my client’s cottage up in Maine—to work, of course-- but nonetheless hanging out in a gorgeous “cottage” built in 1891 doesn’t hurt my feelings. :)

And the privilege of helping my client make it even more gorgeous and restore its vintage charm is a true blessing to me. 

It will be COLD, but the change of scenery will do me good. 

Have you been feeling like you need a change?

From time to time we all need a change, but what will the results look like?

Is it possible to create the kind of change we are longing for?

IT IS! And I want to help you picture it. 

SO, I thought it would be fun this week to revisit just a couple of my projects over the years---houses & rooms & clients that were ready for change--and the results we created. 


Do you remember any of these houses? If you have been following me for a while, you might. Be sure to click on the photos or the links below the photos so you can see how each space turned out. 

First up, this lovely room was missing something...but what?

Simple things that we brought to the room made it feel completely different. You can click here to see the final results.

Oh, and one of my favorites! Back in 2011, I completed a whole house renovation on this poor girl.  (She looks pretty sad here):

She has new owners now who love her, all because her rooms went through a major transformation that gave her a new lease on life. 

In 2012-2013 I was honored to be a part of another complete house re-do that freed a house stuck in the 80's…

Take a look at how it looks now!

Do you ever stop and think about how your house greets you and your guests when you walk through the front door?

It is an important thing to think about.

See how this foyer now welcomes its family and their visitors with beauty and functionality. 

Okay, so do you have a small, outdated bathroom?

Take heart. Someday it could look like this. 

And finally, this kitchen --while very large—didn’t relate well to the rooms around it, and didn’t use all of its square footage well at all.

We changed that in a BIG way.

I hope that these transformations help you to see what is possible for you and your house! If you are ready for a big change, then a House Call with me can be an amazing first step to start the process.  Can't wait to work with you!