What Your Bedroom Is For

With Valentine's Day this weekend, I think it is time we talk about something intensely personal...

the things that a master bedroom is for, and what it is NOT. :)

Ideally this room, the inner sanctum of our home, is the place where we go to restore, to find quiet, solitude, privacy, a place for intimacy, perhaps a place also for prayer and/or meditation....

However, things are often not the ideal.

For example...

  • Our bedroom may be the place where, when in a hurry, we have stashed things we didn't want company to see...
  • It may be the place where baskets of laundry sit waiting to be put away....
  • It may be the place (and this is my LEAST FAVORITE) where we have a work station, complete with piles of paper and glowing computer screen staring us down as we try to unwind at the end of a hectic day.  
  • It may be the place that others in the household feel they can just enter on a whim without knocking or asking permission. 

I am sure one or more of the above sounds all too familiar, yes??


To make matters worse, it is during times of increased stress when we are least likely or able to keep this area tidy and nurturing--and, of course, this is the time we need a peaceful sanctuary the most. 

SO, to help you create this very important place of restoration, let's talk about some simple things that can help to create and maintain YOUR much needed retreat from the world:

  • When you are tired, remind yourself that it only takes a few minutes-- it is tempting to not put clothes away in the evening or to skip making the bed in the morning because we are tired, pressed for time, and we picture these chores as being a huge deal. Change your perception of these tasks and view them instead as doing something nice for yourself--make yourself muscle through for just 3-5 minutes & you will be amazed at how quickly you are finished. Recognize in doing this for less than five minutes, you are preparing a soothing environment for yourself later.


  • Remove anything that stresses you out-- (and I don't mean your spouse :) Take away things you find annoying or unattractive--basically anything that doesn't nurture you in some way.  Anything pertaining to your work or household finances SHOULD NOT be in this room. 


  • Add beauty and comfort--This space should contain things that delight your senses: soft lighting, a variety of textures (think satiny sheets and nubby chenille throws), colors that you find soothing, fresh (but not overpowering) scents, relaxing music, and flowers and /or plants that bring life and additional color to the room.

Taking the time to create a little oasis for ourselves is so important and has a far-reaching impact in our lives. Take some time this weekend to work on this as a Valentine's gift to yourself!