Instead of Sheep

Since we are only one week away from Thanksgiving, and I have been humming the tune....I just have to ask, do you remember the old Bing Crosby/Rosemary Clooney song "Count Your Blessings" from the movie White Christmas?

No? I'll sing a bar for you....

when I'm worried, and I can't sleep

I count my blessings instead of sheep

and I fall asleep

counting my blessings. 

 (by the way, I really did sing that as I typed it. Couldn't help myself.....)

I have been thinking a lot about gratitude lately, and how the practice of it can change your perceptions, and therefore change your life.

As far as our homes go, we all spend a lot of time dwelling on the things we wish were different about them. You know the drill:

"Oh, how I wish my house just had....______"(fill in the blank with whatever you have been longing for lately).

But if we choose to shift our focus, we can instead notice all of the things that our homes do well for us day in and day out--even such basic things as keeping us warm and dry on a cold and rainy night.  We can choose to count our blessings.

I am sure that you have heard how important it is to practice gratitude, but the thing is that the message that we need more, better, bigger, & newer gets a lot more airtime. That message drowns out the smaller voice inside of each of us that reminds us that we are enough, and that our houses, while imperfect, have amazing beauty, purpose, and function just as they are.

SO, what are the simple yet wonderful things that your house does for you?  What are its charms, possibilities, and positive characteristics that you don't often recognize?

What are you thankful for?

Focus on these things, and you may just feel that you & your house have gone through a complete renovation.

What things that you are thankful for today?  Please share --gratitude is such a blessing, especially when shared with friends!