So, I pushed her...

This morning at the bus stop my daughter was quiet and surly.

Ahhh, I love teenagers.

I was leaving for my morning walk, and was trying to talk to her about her day, but getting only mumbled words and grunts in response as she stared at the pavement. 

So, I pushed her. 

Don't worry--you don't have to call social services. I only sort of accidentally-on-purpose body checked her...and she pushed back--a smile starting to creep across her face. 

"Mom, STOP!"

"Stop what?" Totally innocent. I have no idea what she is talking I push her again. 

"STOP!!"--she's now laughing. And she is actually looking at me. 

Then the bus comes, and we are off, starting each of our days with a totally different energy-- a win in the mom column! (I'll take each one I can get these days.) 

In the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to work on a few different rooms that were sort of like my teenage daughter--totally lovely in every way, but difficult and stuck in their grumpiness. And when I see a theme emerging, I just have to share ...

Sometimes when we are stuck in a pattern, doing something different, doing something physical can change our whole mood and help us to see a whole new set of possibilities. That is the REVEALING part of what I do.

The room above was just fine, the furniture having been arranged by me with my client a few years ago when they had first moved into the house.

But now things are starting to change in the household--a new doorway is being put into the room to improve flow in the house, children are getting older and needing a space to do homework close to mom, and my client and I looked at each other and agreed it was time to change things up, to give the room a little shove. 

Let the redesign begin!

I know it can be hard to see in photographs since all of the elements are essentially the same, but the way this room felt when we were done was totally different. We moved all the existing furniture, opening up the room and switching out a small desk (not pictured) for a new table from an upstairs room. This table is now the perfect place for the homework computer. 

Then this little table found a new home, too: 

Nestled into the window, we created another cozy spot to sit and study or play chess--something else the family loves to do. 

And then we sat back and took it all in. Everything was the same, and yet it was totally different! No more grumpiness--just lots of smiles and possibility. :)

So, if you feel things are a bit stuck in a rut, don't hesitate to shake things up a bit. Move things around, try new configurations, explore new possibilities, and see how much things can change in a few short hours!