So, Your Room Feels A Little BLAH. What Now??

So, maybe the way your house feels to you right now isn't so great. You aren't sure why…since you have nice furniture, the paint is in good shape, & things are pretty tidy. But nonetheless, it just feels BLAH--like a big ol' yawnfest. 

What can you do?

This is the perfect scenario to do what I call a "redesign"--the reworking of a room using most of what is already there, but creating an entirely new feeling for the space. 

You really can't have more fun than this! :)

The above picture is from my clients' house in Louisville, KY. I had originally worked with them when they lived here in Ridley Park, but last summer they relocated for work and asked if I would visit for a "Redesign Weekend" of sorts! It was amazing. 

The family room was one of the rooms we focused on during our time together.  The furniture was spread out across the room, the floor was bare, and there were lots of small pieces of furniture that were confusing things a bit...

The first step in a redesign is to get the big pieces of furniture in the right place. After that step, smaller items such as side tables and lamps can be added, as well as decorative items. 

Pulling the furniture closer together was a important step in making the room feel more welcoming and less like a waiting room. Adding a rug and throw pillows that pull together the colors in the room, and then reworking my client's own accessories made this den feel like a totally new space. 

Take a look at what a difference these small changes can make :

The only new purchases for this room were the rug, throw pillows, and lamps. That was it!

So, if a room in your house feels a bit lackluster to you, take heart! A cozy, inviting space that you will love to spend time in is only a few simple changes away!