My Hike Along The River

As the first month of 2015 draws to a close, I thought it would be neat to reflect on some thoughts I had while on a hike with my husband along the Little River just outside of Asheville, NC...

On that day just over a year ago, the water rushed along beside us as we traveled on foot.  Sometimes the river roared with whitewater, other times it rested quietly in pools that seemed almost completely still,  and I noticed that a lot of things were deposited on its journey--leaves, branches and other items were lodged along the banks, swirling in little puddles or stranded high on rocks by receding floodwaters.

Like the river, in our homes there are physical items that are washed into the shallows: rooms that seem tired and out-of-date sit there awaiting our attention, our closets, drawers, and corners fill up with items that we haven't had the time to sort or make decisions on.

At the start of each year, we seem to pay attention to time passing, old habits we would like to leave behind, and new goals we set before us. Our lives can be much like a river and as our days rush past, and lots of things are pushed aside because we don't have the time or energy to deal with them.

Recognizing that our souls bloom more fully when inspired by beauty and soothed by simplicity, it is  important to afford ourselves downtime to deal with all the STUFF of life--this is just as important as rushing about, DOing and working towards our goals. We can give ourselves time & quiet to create order and balance, and make sure we are surrounded by things we love.   This is a way of slowing the current that is rushing past, and smoothing out the stream bed so things can flow with more ease...

We all have the ability to create peace and flow in our lives, but we don't always give ourselves permission to create it as we so busily rush along. I believe that one of the best ways we can direct the stream of our lives (and not be tossed about by it) is to create a home that supports us with loveliness and simplicity--  much like a giant river rock that the water happily glides over, smooth as glass.

If where we live provides us with a rejuvenating supply of beauty, order and balance, all kinds of amazing things will be possible for us in the coming year. What can you do around your house this week that will help things to flow, and your spirits to lift??

If you are looking for help and inspiration for creating more flow for 2015, don't forget next week is our (Dis)comforts of Home Workshop! It is the perfect place to learn how to change fret and frustration to peace and flow. Hope to see you there! Here is where you can get all the details: