The Enemy Of The Good

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." --Voltaire

I know that we often make the mistake of thinking that things have to be "perfect" to be seen as worthwhile or admirable. We may not know we are thinking along those lines, but subconsciously we really are.

I learned a lot about this last year when my dog suddenly became paralyzed…

so many things in our lives suffer because of this misperception…and one of the big ones is how we live in and enjoy (or more accurately DON'T enjoy) our homes.

Because it is the anniversary of Hermione's sudden onset of paralysis--and what a horrifically hard time I had with that last year at this time--I have been thinking a lot about the blog post I wrote in response. 

You can read it here. 

Hermione made a full recovery that was nothing short of miraculous--and we can, too, when we let go of limiting perfectionistic thinking and embrace our homes and lives that are truly so GOOD.