Everything's The Same, But Totally Different...

A few months ago, I received a call from one of my favorite long-time clients (always love that!) who said she was ready to re-do her living room, but she wanted everything in it to stay the same…well, sort of. 

She loved her furniture---it was, after all, the perfect size and shape, and was just right in terms of comfort, too. So why throw the baby out with the bathwater? 

However, the way the room looked was dated and a bit tired. She wondered if we could freshen things up in some way and make it feel like a new room? Even when it wasn't new really??

Of course we can! 

A complete refresh was on its way:

The first step in this transformation was to find fabrics that would freshen and lighten up the space...

as well as add some fun detail :)

A new rug was added to anchor the main seating area and further carry our muted palette throughout the room.

With the major pieces in place, it was time to add the top layer of details that would complete the look and make the room feel completely modern. 

New lamps...

and a sparkly new mirror add shine, texture and interest. 

I think the result feels completely new...

and is a beautiful mixture of modern and traditional. 

Mission accomplished!