Lightening Has Struck AGAIN (and you can see the pictures here)


It was an honor to be featured on PhillyMag's property blog once--but twice?!? I am so honored and humbled...


You may remember that earlier in the summer my own beloved farmhouse was highlighted on the Property section of Philadelphia Magazine's blog (you can see that article here). 

And NOW I am SO THRILLED to share with you that the home of one of my very best clients has also been featured.

It is like an out-of-body experience both to see beautiful pictures of rooms I have designed as taken by Laura Kicey, as well as to read an article telling the story of the rebirth of this home, which I have been so lucky to be an integral part of for many years now.  (For those of you whom have received my emails for a long time, you will probably recognize many of the rooms… :)

If you would like to read the full article and view the amazing pictures, you can do so here.