A Comfy New Place To Stay

Life changes. Kids move out.

And they leave us with spaces that look like this:

One of the most fun things that can happen (so I hear--I haven't experienced it yet),  is to have your children want to come home and visit again WITH GRANDCHILDREN. Yay!

This is exactly where my client had found herself…and she wanted to make the rooms that were now mostly empty and seldom-used, a warm, cozy & stylish guest suite to welcome her adult children home when they came to visit. That's where I come in!

We selected a fabric that she loved, & based the room's palette on it--a traditional pattern with her favorite colors:


But to keep things from becoming too "old fashioned" or cute,  I felt that we should pair that selection with some modern touches to create a room that all ages would find pretty and inviting. 

Check out how the room looks now...

We removed the old window seat that was keeping the bed from being able to be placed against the window. New carpeting and a lighter paint color were put in place, and the former flush ceiling light fixture was replaced with a more elegant mini chandelier to give the bed area a more upscale hotel feel :)...

When putting together an eclectic room, it is important to balance the different elements so that no one particular style is over-represented. One of the things I loved being able to incorporate in the space was some neat family artwork that had previously just been in storage. We sifted through the possibilities, found some lovely, promising pieces...

We had them cleaned up and reframed and/or re-matted (can't even tell you what an amazing thing custom framing is for your cherished artwork), and now they are a stunning part of the new room.

The new bed brings in the modern again, as do the funky mid century style bedside lamps…however the lamps are placed on curvy, cottagey bedside tables---and coupled with a print from the 1700's, of course. Best not to be predictable. 

The existing traditional dresser is now paired with a chevron-adorned mirror and a updated lamp that echoes the feel of the woodlands that surround the house. 

What you can't see in these pictures is the new crib that is now in the corner…waiting for those new grandbabies to come for a sleep-over. And a swivel rocker is there at the ready, too, to help parents lull them to sleep.

Guest Room 9.jpg

I feel such joy helping my clients realize the potential of a space--to help it fill a need in their lives, and to help them figure out how to best use their cherished possessions . I am so happy knowing that this room will be used for years to come when the family gathers together. 

If you would like to see the den that is a part of this guest suite, you can do so here.