Are You No Longer On Speaking Terms?

Have you ever been so annoyed with someone whom you love that you can barely stand to be in the same room with them?

And yet you know that that is precisely the time when you should clear your calendar and put some time aside to spend with them??


Your relationship with your house is no different.   


If you are disgusted, fed up, and frustrated (as I have been with my house many times), maybe a little quality time together is what is needed.  

Is there clutter that is clogging the works? Is it time to sit down and think about which spaces in your house are working well and are comfortable & beautiful....and those that are NOT?  

Even if you pay someone else to clean your house, do you give yourself a little time each week to put things where they belong? Are the drawers in your dresser ready to receive clothes that have been washed? Or do you have to leave them in the basket since there is no room for them to be put away?

I know, I know. It isn't sexy. It isn't glamorous. (Maintenance--eeeww, gross.) However, the truth remains that regularly and intentionally giving your home TLC will greatly improve your life in your house...

and in return the space you live in can then support you.

Give yourself some time this week to maintain your relationship with your house through some loving attention. :)  I promise your efforts will benefit you both!