Pay Attention To Your Blessings

It is time for your monthly homework assignment!

So, it is said that whatever you pay attention to grows.

Mindfully becoming aware of what we are giving our attention to is life-changing. 

It is November, and we are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving--SO, for your assignment this month I want to invite you to give your attention to all of the blessings in and around your home. 

Here are the three simple steps for you to take: 

Step One:

Each day notice at least one thing in your home that you are grateful for...

My heater just came on as I am typing this. I am very grateful for heat on this chilly morning. Also, I love that my dog is sleeping soundly behind me in her bed. So peaceful. Look around you with an open heart and notice all of the gifts that  we can easily overlook as we all too often furrow our brow and wonder why our home doesn't look like the latest Better Homes and Gardens.

Step Two:

Write it down.  

This month leading up to Thanksgiving we have a wonderful opportunity to "see" things differently. Taking the next step of writing down that which we are grateful for helps us to really take in all of our blessings. Two Thursdays from now you will have a concrete list of at least fourteen things (and I bet you will have many more than that) to read over and feel your heart swell with gratitude. You will be amazed at how much your house has changed over these two weeks. 

Step Three:
(Extra Credit!!) Share with a friend--
Things are always more fun with a friend or partner, and knowing that you each are writing a gratitude journal will make it more likely that you will actually do it. Make plans to share your entries with one another on Thanksgiving--what a blessing!

I hope you will join me in doing this month's homework assignment. Please share below what you notice as you do, and what you are most grateful for. We will all be better for it!