How To Wear A Bra, And Other Challenges

It's time for your monthly Homework Assignment!!

Okay, I have three challenges for you. They are REALLY EASY. And yes one is about your bra (exciting, I know!)...

Step One: Find one bra that no longer holds your girls far enough north of your elbow to make you feel pretty...and throw it out. 

Step Two: Find one pair of shoes that is TIRED and/or makes your feet feel tired just looking at them. Give them away. 

Step Three: Find one pair of pants that don't fit you anymore, and without judgement or sadness, gleefully say "oh well!" and put them in a bag for Goodwill. 

Hooray!! Good Job!! 

Now, tonight is the night! I am holding my Closet Clean Slate Workshop--and it is going to be FUN! If you are out an about and want to stop by, PLEASE DO! And bring a friend. Wear a bra. It starts at 7:30..and here are all the details