My House This Christmas!!

Christmas is only 6 days away!!!!!  SO EXCITING!!MHTC19 I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of things around my house as we get ready for the BIG DAY next week. As usual, I had help...


Just inside the front door, the stockings are hung, the dining room is ready to host holiday guests....MHTC14


and the nativity set is lovingly placed on the buffet (you may recognize this nighttime shot from last week…)

nativity b

Upstairs in the master bedroom, there is just a few quiet touches for the season...MHTC12MHTC13

Other little vignettes around the house show off some of my favorite seasonal items--quaint little churches, and sweet amateur paintings...MHTC10 DSCN4590

However, I think the kitchen might be my favorite room at this time of year...MHTC4 MHTC3

so many special things displayed on the shelf over my kitchen sink-- like the vintage wax choir my mom bought at Woolworth's when she was a little girl, or the plate my husband's grandfather painted for him when he was a child...MHTC8MHTC7 MHTC5 MHTC6

And of course our Christmas tree happily sparkles in the corner of our family room as the trains whirl around its base. MHTC1Christmas Train Christmas Train 3MHTC2

Merry Christmas!!!