"Where Should I Put The Couch?" And Other Questions....

Maybe you feel you have tried everything, and yet certain rooms STILL don't feel quite right...LivingRm Before2 Instead things feel unsettled and unfinished. You are tired of wondering if the couch is indeed in the "right" spot & whether or not you made a mistake purchasing it in the first place... LivingRm Before 3

SO, how different can a room really feel with all of the same furniture in it...but simply rearranged with a few important touches added in??

Vastly different.photo 3 copy 2 a

My clients called me after reaching a high level of frustration with things around their house. Nearly new furniture that was supposed to make things so much better, just wasn't doing the trick. They wondered what was missing? What could be done??


First we created balance & symmetry in the seating arrangement, by rearranging things centered around the fireplace. With these foundational items in place, the room began to feel more settled and welcoming. SO important.


Next, because my clients were tired of their wall-to-wall carpeting, we looked for an area rug that would add a new layer of color and interest to the floor (and cover up what wasn't so much fun to look at anymore).living room after 1

Some antique prints that had been in storage were pulled out, and became just the thing to add to the beauty over their hearth. In addition, new curtains, pillows, a throw for the couch, additional off-the-rack artwork, and a live plant make the room feel finished and oh-so-inviting.photo 2 copy 2 aWhat spaces in your house feel a little off? Do you have a space that should be lovely, but doesn't feel quite right yet?? Take heart! Simple changes and thoughtful rearranging can make a HUGE difference!