Your Monthly Homework Assignment! Creating Your Own Cozy Corner

Fall Pansy The beautiful colors outside as well as cooler temperatures remind us that change is coming...and very soon we are going to be spending A LOT more time indoors. How can our pending "hibernation" be an opportunity to pamper ourselves??


You guessed it! This is our quick assignment for the month!!


Now, calm down! This is not about going nuts and feeling we have to deep clean the whole house from top to bottom-- NO! This is about carving out a special place somewhere in your house that is just for you--a place that will hopefully make the long winter months ahead feel a little less dreary.


Where is there a cozy place in your house that you like to spend time, maybe kick back with a book, curl up with a cup of tea, daydream & look out the window? Maybe a comfortable chair in the living room, a quiet spot in your bedroom, or even just your favorite place to sit at the kitchen island...


Here are some simple steps to take to make your cozy corner all the better when the winter winds whip:

1. Take 15 minutes and remove the clutter here- this is your spot to relax, and clutter is SO NOT relaxing. Throw away, put away, or give away anything in this area that does not make you smile or bring you joy. I mean it. REALLY.


2. What would make it even more cozy and comfortable?-- Let's improve on a good thing! Do you need to move a better reading light next to your chair? How about a little table to set your mug or glass of wine on? Would a pillow for your back be just the thing? Is there a basket or drawer at arms length to store the book you are currently reading or your journal?


3. Treat yourself to a special touch or two-- Since we are pampering ourselves here, luxurious things are in order! A plush, warm throw, a lovely scented candle, a small vase of fresh flowers.... whatever would make this spot feel more special to you, treat yourself to these little indulgences.


Remember these assignments are supposed to be fun not overwhelming! I hope this encourages you to carve out a place of your own which will warm the winter months ahead!