Storybook Land

SO, for Labor Day Weekend the cousins came to town! And we decided to take a day and visit Storybook Land!!! Have you ever been???  I am so excited to share our day.....Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY!  Storybook Land 14 Storybook Land 16SO MUCH FUN. We enjoyed the rides...Storybook Land 15Storybook Land 1 Storybook Land 2 Storybook Land 3and even braved the terrifying experience of Bubbles the Roller Coaster!!... Storybook Land 19Storybook Land 17Storybook Land 4Amazingly, we walked away unscathed.... Storybook Land 12and went on to enjoy more goofiness and overall fun...Storybook Land 18such as being eaten by a whale. Storybook Land 9But the thing that is most dear to my heart about Storybook Land are the little tiny houses and storybook buildings...Storybook Land SchoolhouseI have a soft spot for churches and chapels, and here you will find one of THE MOST  quaint ones around, I think...

Storybook Land Chapel 3 Storybook Land Chapelcomplete with a cute little old Victorian organ in the back...Storybook Land Chapel 2

And, of course, we have the Easter Bunny's house,

Storybook Land 13The Three Bears' House,Storybook Land 24Sleeping Beauty's castle,Storybook Land 11aThe Merry Miller's Mill...Storybook Land 10and Jack and Jill's HILL!!Storybook Land 7Snow White's house is especially charming, I think. I mean, she did have seven men to help her take care of it after all...Storybook Land 6Storybook Land 21 Storybook Land 22 Storybook Land 23

It even features a little vignette of the Evil Queen making her poison apple! SPOOKY! Storybook Land 8A wonderful day for sure....somewhat like a fairytale!