A Room Of Her Own

It would be great to take over your husband's office...the room you've been eyeing for a while and dreaming of making your own, wouldn't it??  

Well, maybe...but what to do with it once you had it?

Now that he's moved out and only the existing furniture (and clutter that no one wants to claim) is left, somehow it doesn't seem as promising anymore... office before

This was exactly the situation when I got the call from one of my favorite clients. She was worried that maybe she had made a mistake. Would the room ever be the feminine, artsy space she hoped it could be??


Well, as you know, I love this kind of challenge. Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work!


Now one wonders if the room ever could have been the austere, stark place it once was....Office After office after 3office after 2

Using the existing rug to form our color palette, we found new office furniture that offered beautiful display space as well as a more feminine flavor.


There is nothing more important when making a room uniquely yours than surrounding yourself with things you love. Accents throughout the room focus on my client's love of sewing, reading, and, of course, her family (her new grandson in particular)...


We commissioned local artist Jessica Eldredge to make four original cut paper collages to adorn the walls.office artworkoffice artwork 2office artwork 4

Jessica's one-of-a-kind pieces made with lovingly hand-dyed papers, are reminiscent of quilt squares and colorful buttons--the perfect centerpiece for the space. The sewing machine on which my client sewed for hours as a teenager has a prominent place in the room, and over it is hung a collection of beautiful family portraits...office after 6 office vignette 2

Finding the perfect items to create a cozy reading nook was the next challenge. We found a set of vintage chairs with a matching ottoman. All were reupholstered to compliment the room...office after 5 office chairs

and they are sooooo comfortable. Seems that everyone in the house now wants to sit in HERE rather than the living room because of the soothing atmosphere and cheerful seating.office vignette

Now, where there once was little color or coziness, there is a space that is beautiful, nurturing, bright and joyful. What a wonderful blessing!