Trying To Calm It Down

As I mentioned a while back, I have (slowly) been working on my own workspace, wanting it to be more beautiful and functional....however, it keeps getting bumped down in the queue by other more important activities/projects. This week, I made sure to set aside an hour and a half to just look things over and see what is needing my attention. First, I took some pictures. Lots of pictures. It is amazing to me how removing myself, in a way, from the room can help me "see" it so much better. While looking at the snapshots, I realized that I have a lot of sh** going on in here! Things that I never would tolerate in a client's space, have snuck into mine...often with my permission and invitation. Time to calm things down.

When there is a lot to look at--lots of small items, lots of chatchkas, lots of STUFF--it can be overstimulating. Even if the items are loved and useful (meaning they aren't clutter), it can still be too much to have to LOOK at them all of the time. Part of calming down my workspace is going to be just removing a lot of the items from view and storing them in a more streamlined way.

Just like a good piece of writing, a room needs editing. Time to get out my red pen! I will keep you posted....

Hopefully it won't be another three months before I get back to it again!