Tuckered Out With Tupperware? Time For Another RR Homework Assignment!!!...

  When we think of Tupperware, or Gladware, or any other nice storage container, we think of the order and neatness we can create! OH THE POSSIBILITIES!! (I mean, doesn't the woman above in this vintage Tupperware ad look so happy!?!?--That could be us too!!)

But the reality is that our storage containers themselves probably are jumbled in some dark, dusty cabinet or drawer...and who knows where the matching lids are...

If this is true in your kitchen, then this month's assignment is for you!


Set your timer for 15 minutes and quickly match up each container with its corresponding lid. Those that no longer have a lid, are stained, cracked, or are just way past their prime NEED TO GO. Really. Like NOW.


(Don't even bring up all of the empty yogurt tubs, take out pans, and other things that should have been recycled immediately in the first place :)


Put all of the containers you are keeping (hopefully it is a small, manageable number) back neatly where they go, nesting similar shapes inside of one another. With the lids, it is easiest to stack all of them together in an open bin or compartment of some kind, so they aren't rattling around, loose and hard to find.


I know this may seem overly simple, but if your Tupperware is neat and easy to get to when you are clearing up dinner, think of how much time you will save...and how much more enjoyable your time in the kitchen will be.