Let Me Tell You A Little Story...

I first wrote this post back in 2013, and because a couple of people have mentioned it to me lately, I felt it was time to share it again.  I hope that it sheds a new light on the story of your stuff , and helps you to edit life in your house in a very meaningful way. XO

Once upon a time there was a young girl who came from a very musical family. The family took such pride in their gift of song, and this little one also showed great promise. It was decided that something grand should be done....

A beautiful, expensive instrument was purchased for her to play, and placed prominently in their home. This purchase meant that the girl would grow to be an accomplished musician, it would be a sign of elegance, refinement, prosperity. It would be passed on to future generations so that they too could carry on the family tradition....

But here's the problem:


Just a few months ago I looked across the room at a baby grand piano that I have had in my home all my adult life and the better part of my childhood, and saw the truth of it for the first time.

The truth is that that piano was clutter.

Despite its presence in my life, that piano never made me refined or elegant, and it never got me on stage at Carnegie Hall...THANK GOD.  The values and story behind its presence in my life were not mine. My life and the story I want to tell with my days is much more along the lines of belting out gospel and blues tunes in the kitchen while my husband plays the guitar.

When this moment of clarity hit me, all of a sudden it was clear that taking up 30 square feet of my home with all that wood and ivory was ridiculous.




it was time to call the piano movers.

In its place is now an empty corner that is full of possibilities...


What story does your stuff tell about you? And most importantly,

is it true??

Holding on to things that are just holding you back makes it much harder to tell the true story of you