Keep It Together! --Your Homework For This Month

There has been something I have noticed lately that is creating chaos and clutter in my client's houses, and I bet you may have the same thing going on in yours....

So what could be better for us to focus on for our homework this month??

It is really easy to make the mistake of storing similar or identical items in many different places all over our house.


Let me explain how this creates problems for us:

For example, you are a tea drinker & you have a stash of your favorite blend right next to the stove where you heat the kettle every day. You also have a few different boxes on 2 or 3 shelves in the pantry across the room....


OH! and there is also some that you bought a while back (just to be sure you wouldn't run out) on the shelves near the basement steps.


When your supply near the stove gets low, you find yourself at the grocery store buying more, because you aren't sure if you really have more in the pantry. You haven't checked in a while...

This scenario could be repeated for many, many different items we keep on hand in our homes. It seems especially true for food items, but it can also be the case for things like lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, sewing notions, scrapbooking items, office name it! Not being able to see at a glance the total of what we have and not knowing there is a central location where they are kept leads to confusion, lack of clarity, the wasting of time, the wasting of money .....and, of course, clutter.

Your assignment this month is: 

  1. PICK ONE category of things you know you have scattered in various places around your house
  2. COMMIT to one central location where these things will now be kept (preferably very close to where they will be used) and 

This can be as simple as finding all of the cans of soup you have on different shelves in your pantry and making sure they are stacked together. Set a timer and devote just 15 minutes to this this weekend.