Sunday Visitors

I was interrupted Sunday afternoon by an urgent voice coming from the front yard.... "MOM!....MOM!...come outside!! You gotta SEE THIS!"

So I happily stopped scrubbing the toilet, and rushed outside to see what my daughter had found. After I did see it, I rushed back into the house to get my camera....

Luckily my subject wanted to be photographed--even posing for the camera!

He seemed just as interested in us as we were in him, and he would intermittently go back to his meal when he wanted another bite, all while still watching us carefully.

Fascinating! Just as we were about to usher him to safety in the nearby brush (my husband was getting ready to mow the lawn), I heard someone else calling to me from the Pussy Willow tree just a few feet away.

Can you see him?

Actually, I think it was a HER, and she was tweeting (the old fashioned kind) and watching us as well! I have never seen a bird like her before in my yard, with her lovely saffron-yellow breast--I am wondering if she was a type of Warbler? Not at all sure...and if she is, she should be flying south VERY SOON. You are late little girl!

She also happily posed for us....

regarded us for a few more seconds, and then flew away to go find her lunch, I am sure.

This is why I love afternoons at home. You never know just who might stop by!