Looking Through Some Old Pictures...Thinking About Why I Do What I Do

I was recently looking through some old pictures, and found some client "before" shots from the earliest days of Revealing Redesign.... It reminded me of why I do what I do...not that I had forgotten, but pictures really are worth a thousand words.

There are a lot of people out there that are living in houses that just frustrate them. Their homes make them uncomfortable, their rooms are filled with belongings that don't belong anywhere in particular, and they certainly don't feel proud of or nurtured by the place in which they live.

Sadly, they don't have any idea why it just isn't working, so they can only throw up their hands in disgust. How do you fix something when you don't even know exactly what is broken?? Is it clutter? Is it poor layout? Poor design? Is it all of the above?

And that is why I do what I do--because I feel passionately that you deserve to live in a place that is beautiful to you, a space that speaks to your soul and makes you feel at home.

When you have such a place to go to at the end of the day--a place that helps you to relax and restore--you have more to give to the people you love, and more to give to the world at large.

This important place (your home)  is created one little step at a time (not overnight),  it is created through keeping things simple (not necessarily by being fussy and spending a lot of money), and it is created by being honest with yourself about what things really make you feel good and therefore have a place in your space. 


The room in these pictures here started out lacking a specific purpose and vision, and as a result it had become a catch-all. Working with my clients, we together created a plan that would make for a room that they would use and love, we removed all of the stuff that was in the way, and a beautiful, functional space was created. 

I hope that your home gives you a place to rest and restore! As we on the East Coast are all hunkered down with Hurricane Sandy.....it surely makes things easier to bear.  Hope you are warm and dry wherever you are!