You Can Do This In 15 Minutes!!

What is the thing in your house that is most bugging you right now?  

A cluttered desk?

A kitchen drawer that is so jammed full of stuff that it is hard to open, and even harder to close?

Piles of clothes that haven't made it from the laundry basket to the drawer?

OR how about a refrigerator that contains sour milk & left-overs from The First Thanksgiving shoved to the back....?

It is easy when faced with these annoyances, to throw up our hands and feel powerless. We get disgusted with ourselves, question how we let it get so bad in the first place,  tell ourselves we don't have the time or energy to deal with it, and subsequently make the situation much more difficult by picturing it as a big hill to climb, a huge problem to conquer.

But it isn't....


  1. Recognize, without judgement, that something is out of whack in whatever room you choose. Make it something that has been getting under your skin for a while...
  2. Set a timer. Just 15 minutes.
  3. Become the picture of calm determination.
  4. Straighten, toss, put away until the timer tells you to stop.
Victory! Feel the power! YOU GO!  Employing the Do It Now Principle, you have just made it better...not perfect....but oh so much better
Perfect us is so overrated anyways...and it was what was keeping you from dealing with the problem at all in the first place.
I'm off now....I've got to go set my timer.